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About Juice

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Born in Brooklyn, Juice Cannon is building an impressive empire at a very young age. The Rapper/Producer/Engineer currently has two albums selling on itunes; owns his own recording studio and has expanded his brand to include merchandising as a viable revenue stream.

Life has not always been easy for Juice Cannon. At a very young age the Flatbush Brooklyn native had to deal with life in the streets and the everyday struggle one faces in New York’s’ concrete jungle. This lead to prison time, a five year probation and life in and out of multiple group homes since the age of 17.

Juice Cannon used these experiences to create the body of work entitled Crooklyn: Borough of Broken Dreams. This would be his first mixtape. The first of many accomplishments for the young rapper/entrepreneur. He refers to himself as the underdog and the forgotten; this is the perspective he raps from in his debut mixtape.

The follow up mixtape Now Leaving Crooklyn speaks from a more mature standpoint. The mixtape references the changes he’s experienced while growing up and moving away from Flatbush Brooklyn. As an entrepreneur, he has secured a clothing line deal and is sole owner of 231 recording studios where he provides an opportunity for other artist to come record and engineer their music.



The following is his claim to fame:

Starting From My Rooftop Was Featured On VladTV.com

Currently Has A Clothing Deal With Bklynkills.com

Both Albums Are Available On Itunes.com

Strong Advocate For Youth In Foster Care

Regularly Has his Music Played On Magblogradio which has over 24k Listeners